Marilyn Ambra Events
‘I am extremely particular about details and I knew exactly what I wanted before we even set a wedding date (oh boy). This can be a blessing or a curse for wedding planners. However, Marilyn definitely brought her A game and delivered above expectations! Marilyn is extremely well versed in event planning and has exceptional taste! She was able to understand my vision from the very beginning and provided insightful feedback and recommendations consistently. She was there every step of the way and I really don’t know what we would have done without her during wedding planning and the wedding itself.
We are so impressed by Marilyn and would definitely recommend her for any meticulous bride.
— Jasmin & Taylor
Our wedding was all that I could have wished for. How do I even find the words to thank you? When we walked into the club on our big day, the magnificent transformation of it all, well it just took our breath away. Gorgeous, stunning, exquisite, lavish...breathtaking! Are just a few words to describe it. We created the ‘event of the century’ at Claremont Country Club. Everyone is still talking about it and will for years to come! I so enjoyed all of our planning excursions and ‘meeting of the minds’ meetings. It was an absolute pleasure creating this marvelous occasion with you! We cannot thank you enough for all of your fabulous ideas, wonderful sources, incredible work, time and care that went into all the details. We can only say how much we appreciate all that you did to make our wedding day the most extraordinarily memorable event of our lives. Thank you so much and thank you for taking the journey with us. All of our best,
— Jackie & Tony
You were incredible, everything was gorgeous and seamless - the lighting and tent structure was beyond stunning! Everyone keeps telling me it was perfect, stunningly beautiful, like a movie. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, which is amazing, given how much there was to do and manage. The wedding and welcome dinner were fabulous and our guests had a wonderful time. The whole weekend was truly beautiful and you captured everything I wanted and more. Really, I can’t say enough to express my gratitude and admiration.
— Kathy & Matt
We wanted to thank you for everything you did to make the day so perfect and so US! We have received no end of compliments from our guests that it was the best wedding they have ever attended - we feel the same! Please add us to your lengthy list of glowing recommendations!
— Hannah & Will
Aaron and I were talking about all of the parts of our wedding, and agreed that Marilyn was the best investment we made for the entire event. She created our wedding exactly as we had envisioned it. Every detail was just as we wanted.
— Claire & Aaron
How truly, truly extraordinary you are. We are simply staggered by the phenomenal beauty and flawless execution of the wedding you orchestrated so commandingly for us a few short days ago. I knew the wedding would be gorgeous, but I was honestly unprepared for just how magnificent it would be in EVERY way...Your vision was beyond inspired, in addition to being perfectly executed. I know people gasped audibly when they walked made it all happen. I’m sure you hear this all the time, what a great job you do. But how you do it is in the forefront of my thoughts. EVERY step of the way I have been hugely impressed with your knowledge, your talent, your connections, your relationship skills...all the things one could hope to find in an event planner. But I found myself being perhaps the most impressed by how you treated us throughout this whole process. At every step you were the consummate professional when interacting with always treated us with true respect, and always had the right solution to any issue of concern. And something I didn’t ever expect because I know how hared it must be for someone as busy as were unfailingly PUNCTUAL. When you set a meeting for 5:15, my phone rang at 5:15. Every time. I absolutely loved and admired that. Then there is the way you work. You were everywhere seemingly simultaneously on the day of the wedding taking care of every detail, of which there were undoubtedly hundreds. Yet you took command so clearly and respectfully...I do not believe for one second we could have had anything like the wedding we had with any other wedding planner. That feels like history’s biggest understatement. I hope your ears have not been burning too uncomfortably, because I have uttered your name a hundred times in the last week. How did we find the amazing venue? The band? The florals? The linens? the hair stylist? make-up artist? guest rooms at such a great resort? And, of course, the answer every time was ‘Marilyn Ambra’. You have truly made my daughter so happy. That is priceless to me. We will miss working with you! Please know we will be forever grateful.
— Teresa, Mother of the Bride, Madeliene & Kyle
You are truly amazing, I cannot thank you enough. The wedding was PERFECT. It completely exceeded my expectations. It was magical and we are still on cloud nine. I couldn’t have done this without you. I loved referring my colleague to you and can’t wait until someone else I know becomes engaged, so I can continue to refer you as a stellar planner.
— Lauren & John
It was such a great pleasure to work with you and we can’t thank you enough for making our special day PERFECT. Every little detail of the wedding day turned out so beautifully. Thank you again for your exceptional services. We hope to work with you again in the future.
— Jenny & Justin
Marilyn understood our wedding vision from the first minute we met her, and did a phenomenal job bringing it to life and incorporating elements we hadn’t even considered to make it such a special day. {She} went above and beyond to accommodate the extra details that seemed near impossible. Just like the planning process, the day of the wedding was seamless. Marilyn took care of everything behind the scenes…

Thanks Marilyn for such an incredible day!
— Michelle & Michael
We really appreciate all that you did to make our wedding so spectacular. We are still reveling in the memories and feeling the glow. We just looked at the photos and kept noticing subtle details….the location looked truly spectacular, and I THANK YOU for that. I loved, loved, loved the linens and table settings/design and placement of everything. The lounge rocked as did the Buddha table, guest book table, cocktail tables, etc. We are most grateful to you. THANK YOU again for all that you did.
— Andrea & Sam
It was more beautiful than we could have imagined. Everything ran incredibly smoothly and easily, and we have you to thank for that. You definitely tuned in to what we wanted from our wedding, and what we DIDN’T want, and created a truly personal day that felt comfortable and natural to us Everything you did was an enormous help. It was a lovely, stress-free, fun-filled day. Thank you so much.
— Robin & Jonathan
It has truly been a pleasure working with you and we all thank you for a beautiful wedding. Everyone had a great time which was our goal, thanks to you.
— Linda & Bill Gorham, Parents of the Bride
Thank you for helping us make our wedding weekend so beautiful, ‘magical’ perfect. You were so patient, understanding & thorough…listening to our thoughts, and laughing with us. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and care, your refined aesthetic eye. I have felt so taken care of with you at the helm…I also really appreciate your calm demeanor. I feel like whatever question we’ve come up with, you heard us and addressed it. That was really helpful and reassuring. We really appreciate it and look forward to throwing our 10 year anniversary bash! It was great fun working with you.
— Lori & Carrie
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for my sister during such a significant time in her life. It was such a pleasure to watch you work! Your attention to detail and your ability to keep the bride calm and enjoying the moment was truly amazing. Thank you again.
— Jo, Sister of the Bride, Kathy & Matt
Serendipity graciously sent Marilyn to us. Our ceremony and reception was exquisite and elegant and outright fun! Marilyn Ambra produced a ‘Wedding of the Century’ despite distance and time constraints with panache and class! Thinking of an Ambra wedding? Just Do It!
— Vonna & Mark, Parents of the Bride
I would recommend Marilyn for any type of event. She is organized and can easily deal with all types of personalities. I like someone that can mediate between my mom and make sure the bride still gets her way while satisfying the family as well. Every detail was taken care of, including caring for the bride & groom. If I could give Marilyn more than a 5 star [review] I would.
— Meghan & Andrew
Thank you so much for everything you did! Not only was everything beautiful and everyone raved about how gorgeous it all was, it totally blew us away! Your being SUCH A JOY to work with was just icing on the cake!
— Kerry & Dave
I could not recommend Marilyn enough, she is just spectacular, knows what she’s doing, easy to work with, and extremely professional. We hired Marilyn mid-way through our planning. Not only did she save our wedding by putting us back on vision, she saved us money. Our wedding was a huge success thanks to her!!!
— Nancy & Tony