Marilyn Ambra’s Vintage Wedding Cheatsheet Featured on Brides

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography

At Marilyn Ambra Party Consultants, we are wedding and party planning professionals who pride ourselves in channeling timeless elements in every event we create. We work carefully to bring personalized pieces of classic charm to our cotillions and cocktail parties, weddings,  galas and special gatherings. Depending on the nature of the event and era of time, the vintage touch will look unique and elegant in its own special way. We have revealed a few of our favorite tips to bring vintage vibes to your big day, and we shared them with the writers at Brides! To learn all about how to bring timeless beauty to your next event and catch an excerpt of the feature, keep scrolling!

“We have lots of theories as to why so many brides love the "vintage" look. It's a gimmick-free style that guests of all ages warm to. It's also perennially tasteful, offering a way to create a wedding that's romantic and traditional—but not boring. To make sure your chosen venue is compatible with the era you're using as an inspiration point, we asked Marilyn Ambra of Marilyn Ambra Party Consultants to talk about three types of venues that epitomize specific eras, and to provide style cheat sheets to go with them.”

In the Brides article, we shared our secrets for channeling design details from across the decades and referenced our favorite vintage venues that add the perfect touch.

“Evoke a sophisticated, urban 1920's celebration with a venue that houses multiple spaces located all on the same floor, like the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco," says Marilyn. "I'd set up speakeasy-type lounges in smaller rooms like the foyer, with its grand carved fireplace. Dinner and dancing would take place in the spectacular main ballroom, where the mahogany honeycomb ceiling creates a warm, intimate atmosphere."

To read more of our timeless tips and tricks, see the full feature here!


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