Private Estates V.S. Traditional Wedding Venues


Marilyn Ambra


There are many factors to consider when deciding between a Private Estate and Traditional Venue for a wedding celebration. Privacy, Creative Freedom, and Convenience are among the rationales, but ultimately, it comes down to preference and vision. We're lucky enough to work with a variety of couples that bring us to many dynamic locations. Not sure which is for you? We’ve compiled the top highlights for each to help craft your decision.

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Top Highlights for Traditional Venues

 - Many traditional wedding venues will hold 50 or more weddings per year. Due to the higher volume of events, they’re well-informed when consulting a bride’s needs, i.e. knowing right away the limitations and opportunities for the space.

-There is an undoubted convenience that comes with choosing a mainstream venue, like in-house catering, premeditated lodging accommodations, and of course, the built in ‘look’ of each venue will shape one’s wedding design.

-Often times, equipment such as basic tables and chairs are included in the venue rental, including the ability to upgrade to alternative styles.


Top Highlights for Private Estates

 - A private estate will usually allow only a  small handful of events per year at the property. This helps ensure your guests won’t have already been to or even seen the location, making it more personally ‘yours’.

-Because private estates work on an exclusive basis, one can be assured that full privacy is guaranteed.

-Clients may choose their caterer from a preferred list, rather than being obligated to use the venue’s in-house caterer.

-Most of all, a private estate affords the freedom to design the space as one’s own. The opportunity for personalization is endless; a blank canvas in a sea of pre-painted ones.

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